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American Bully in Westfield, Massachusetts


American Bully
Westfield, Massachusetts
December 7th
male, medium, baby


Kobe is a sweet, energetic little guy. He loves to play and cuddle all at the same time. He is looking for his forever gome!!!


8 week shots/vaccs


The American Bully is a confident, muscular, and loving breed known for its strong appearance and gentle nature. This versatile dog was developed in the United States by crossing various bull-baiting and terrier breeds. American Bullies are adept family pets, known for their loyalty, intelligence, and patience with children. With well-defined muscles, a short, glossy coat, and a wide range of coat colors and patterns, these dogs are highly visually appealing. Although they may appear intimidating, American Bullies are generally sociable and eager to please, making them adaptable to various lifestyles and settings.
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