5 Things to Know Before You Bring Your Dog Home

5 Things to Know Before You Bring Your Dog Home - Dog Blog | PetCurious
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Whether you’re adopting a dog, or bringing home a stray dog, you need to keep certain things in mind. A canine requires plenty of time and space, patience, and understanding to adjust to a new environment.
The first few days in their new home are crucial for a pet. Your new puppy will get confused about where he is and what you expect of him. Teaming up with your family to set up a framework for your dog can go a long way toward ensuring a seamless transition.
Here are five things to know before you bring your dog home:

Research and Commit

Choosing a pet solely based on its popularity or cuteness is among the biggest mistakes you can make as a new pet parent. While many people bring home dogs for their cute appearance, they end up abandoning the puppies because they are too hyperactive, dependent, or high-maintenance.
Get to know the breed you're interested in. Be willing to change your opinion if it doesn't match your capacity to care for it. Make sure to ask plenty of questions from people who put the dog up for adoption. The Chihuahua trend is an excellent example. They're tiny, cute, and quite low-maintenance. However, they aren't normally child-friendly and bite children without any reason. Similarly, your choice of a pet dog should reflect your personality and lifestyle. Then, make an informed decision based on your research.

Dog Proof Your Home

It is very important to dog-proof your home before bringing a new pet. Look for any items that can increase the risk of choking or injuries, and get them out of the way or out of the house; for example, cabinets at pet level, countertops, chemical bottles on the floor, tiny toys, electric cables, and curtain cords. You'll also need to search your house and yard for poisonous plants for dogs. If you carry a handbag or bag, you'll need to locate and dispose of any possible hazards.

Stock Up Important Supplies

Purchase some essentials beforehand so that your dog can settle in nicely and you don't have to make too many trips to the shop. Puppies, in particular, require treats, but you also need essentials like water and food dishes, toys, dog gates, a leash and collar, and stain and odor removers.

Find a Good Vet

A veterinarian can provide you with valuable information to assist you in selecting the right pet. Look for a vet that best fits your and your dog's needs. This will be a lifelong partnership, so making the right decision is crucial.
5 Things to Know Before You Bring Your Dog Home - Dog Blog | PetCurious

Consider Neutering and Spaying

Neutering your pet is one of the best decisions you can make with regard to their health. In most cases, neutering reduces aggressiveness, but your dog will still be protective of you. Your female canine will also feel better. Not getting her spayed can increase the risk of unwanted pregnancies and psychological trauma in case she loses her babies. She will also be less likely to develop mammary and ovarian cancers. Request a recommendation from your veterinarian.


When you bring a puppy home, you'll find that they require more than just a bed and food to flourish. They also require continual love and time. The first couple of weeks may be difficult for both you and the new puppy, but it will be well worth the effort in the long run. Establishing healthy behaviors in those initial weeks will create the foundation for you and your dog to be happy for the rest of your lives. Continuous assistance is crucial in helping your puppy become a happy and healthy dog.
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