Most Important Dog Accessories

Most Important Dog Accessories - Dog Blog | PetCurious
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Pet Tracker

It is very important to get a pet tracker first thing when you bring your friend home. Many dog trackers now have advanced connectivity that’s a mix of GPS network, cellular, and WI-Fi. It tracks their fitness with dog walkers and locates them if they become separated. A lot of trackers have in-built light, too, so if your dog is off-leash at night, it will be easier to find your canine friend.

Dog ID Tag

You've got the leash, the collar, and everything else you believe you'll need for some outside fun. The most vital item, though, is an ID badge for your dog. If you happen to lose your canine friend, a tag with your contact information makes it simpler for someone to find him and return him to you.

Dog Clothes for Some Style and Warmth

There will come a time when your furry friend will require more than his own fur covering. A dog jacket will keep his recently groomed coat dry and protect him from the cold on a wet day. You'll want an abrasion-resistant, insulated dog jacket for when your scrambles through the bushes or trekking the path with you. Plus, it will keep him warm during the winter months.

A Microfiber Towel to Snuggle Your Dog In

Your dog will always manage to find his way to the couch while still drenched. Get a snuggly towel for all those times your dog has flooded your house after a terrible wash while fleeing from you. Opt for a towel with a microfiber fabric that looks like a robe. It should have an attachment at the dog's chest to keep it on while he dries up. It's perfect for at-home showers, drenched walks, and driving home after a lake swim.
Most Important Dog Accessories - Dog Blog | PetCurious
If the accessory is difficult to use or attach to your dog, it is doubtful that you will use it regularly. Get items that are open, clean, easily accessible, and don't need a lot of effort to set up. Simplicity is especially useful when you need to wipe up a spill or quickly put something on your dog.
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