Winter Pet Care: 5 Essential Tips

Winter Pet Care: 5 Essential Tips - Animal Blog | PetCurious
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As the temperature drops, we find ourselves wrapping ourselves in blankets, scarves, and heavy jackets to remain warm at night. But don't our pets deserve all the warmth, too? How can we keep them warm and comfortable throughout the colder months?
It's easy to forget that our dogs are just as used to the warmth and safety of our interior environments as we are. It's essential to think about your pet's health throughout the winter months, and there are several things you can do to keep your family pet warm and secure.
Here are 5 winter essential tips that will guide you to keep your pet warm:

Bring Comfy and Warm Bed for Your Four-Legged Friends

Now is the time to think about where you'll put your pet for the night. If your pet sleeps outside, make sure they have a comfortable area to sleep and relax by using warm clothes, thicker blankets, warm coats, and heat pillows. If it sleeps inside, that is much better.

Moisturize You Pet’s Skin Regularly

As the weather gets cold, your pet is more likely to stay inside with less humidity. This can result in your pets suffering from the dry skin phenomenon in winters. You can use oatmeal shampoo when bathing your pet. It helps in calming their skin and reduces itching. You can also apply coconut oil to moisturize their skin. To make things easier, get a humidifier for your home to avoid developing dry skin during the winter months.

Check Signs for Dehydration

During winters, your pet can get very dehydrated. As humans, we typically forget to maintain a regular intake of water during the winters, resulting in dehydration. Your pet goes through the same thing. Ensure that you carry a water bottle whenever you both go out for walks.
Check your dog’s skin for signs of dehydration. Get a hold of the loose skin on the neck; consider your dog dehydrated if the skin goes back instead of hanging there. Also, keep a check on their gums to check for dehydration. Their gums should be pink in colour. Otherwise, it’s a sign that you should increase their water intake.

Check out for Hypothermia

When temperatures drop, both cats and dogs can develop hypothermia. Be aware of the symptoms and treat it quickly during cold spells. Warm blankets and warm liquids like chicken broth can help your pet recover from low temperatures. On the other hand, extreme temperature dips can cause dogs to collapse and even die. A sweater or wind-proof garment can keep your dog warm during potty trips outside. But even so, minimize the amount of time they spend outside.

Supervise them on Walks

Snowfall can mask familiar odors that would typically help your pet find its way home. More pets go lost in the winter than in any other season. Keep your pet leashed while on walks to prevent them from getting lost. Ensure that their collars contain up-to-date contact information. Have the vet insert a microchip in case you get separated from them. All these care tips are very important to spend quality time with your pet during the winter season.
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