Most Important Cat Accessories

Most Important Cat Accessories - Cat Blog | PetCurious
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If you're planning to adopt a cat, make sure you're ready first! Stock your home with a variety of important feline accessories before bringing your new furry friend home.
There are a few items that no cat owner should go without. Whether you're a rookie cat parent or a seasoned one, you'll need to stock up on a few items, so your cat immediately feels at home.
Some of the important accessories you can get for your fluff ball include:

Litter Box – Kind of an Essential!

It is impossible to escape the reality that your cat will need to use the bathroom. To avoid any accidents, you’ll have to litter train your kitten. A litter box is an absolute essential! You can start with something simple, like a large-rimmed litter pan.

Feline Dental Treats – For the Good Kitty

Reward your cat with goodies! This will help them adjust to the new environment. However, don't go overboard with goodies, and check with your vet to see whether your cat needs a particular diet beforehand. Choose a brand that also has dental benefits.

The Scratcher – Claw it Up!

Cats have the urge to scratch frequently because of their claws. Besides doing it because it feels fun, it also improves their health and well-being.
A clever cardboard-based scratcher with some added catnip can help protect your couch as well!

Warm Bed for Your Fluffy Friend

Ensure that your four-legged friend feels warm and cozy. Place a cute cat bed in your house where they can go and rest. This will also make them feel welcome and adjust in their new home.

Water and Food Bowls

Your cat will, without a doubt, require a place to eat their food. Buying a double dish container for food and water is a good idea. A great container will also have an upturned edge to help avoid spills and keep your kitchen cleaner. Keeping the bowls in the kitchen will also help your friend get familiar with the places and their purpose at home.

Cat Carrier – Because Your Fluff Ball Needs a Transport Too

You' will need a carrier to carry your cat everywhere. Whether you're bringing them home for the first time, going to the veterinarian, or going on outings, you will need a carrier for her travels.
The major choices are hard or soft shell carriers. Don’t forget to buy a carrier that is spacious enough for your cat to sit comfortably in.

ID Tag and Collar – For if Your Kitty Wanders Away

Your kitty should consistently be wearing an ID tag on her collar. Your pet’s name, your address, and your phone number should all be on the tag. If your cat gets hooked on something, such as a tree limb, the collar must have an automatic release that will detach it.
Make sure the collar is comfortable for your cat and won't hurt her neck or interfere with breathing or eating. Allow enough space between the collar and the neck for two fingers to fit between them as a general guideline.
Most Important Cat Accessories - Cat Blog | PetCurious

Kitty Toys

Cats enjoy playing, so make sure you have a range of safe toys on hand. Cats enjoy pounces, so balls that they can chase after, and catnip mice that they can wriggle around with are wonderful choices. Do not buy any toys with little bits that they can pull off, such as pom-poms or bells. This will reduce the risk of choking. Before providing a toy to your kitty, inspect it to ensure it's safe for them.
Once you have all the necessary items ready at home, bring your cat to familiarize them to their new house. Congratulations on becoming a Cat Parent!
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