Keeping a Cat for the First Time? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

Keeping a Cat for the First Time? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know - Cat Blog | PetCurious
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Deciding to get a pet cat is an important life decision. Whether your new friend has arrived from another home, a shelter, or whether it’s a stray, the initial days are very critical. You have to help her feel home and safe. So, before you step in to make that decision, here are five things to know:

Commit a Safe Place for Your Furry Friend

Cats love marking their territory. A secure room or a safe place for the new cat will give it the peace and safety that it requires. It also allows the cat to become familiar with the smells and sounds of your house. The room can be any size, but it must have a locked door and a secure ceiling.
You can create a tiny cardboard room by cutting a hole at the end of a box for them. Or, buy a small covered bed for your furry friend. Make sure the space is large enough for the cat to stand up and spin around in either situation.

Consider Neutering and Spaying your Four-legged friend

Neutering is an important part of keeping a pet. It prevents female cats from becoming pregnant. It also helps prevent male cats from impregnating other female cats. Neutering also has other health advantages, including a lower risk of acquiring illnesses like cancer.
If you bring home a kitten, schedule a trip to the vet. A kitten should receive their first vaccines at eight to nine weeks. The timing is crucial because if you vaccinate them too soon, it won’t work as well, and if you vaccinate them too late, you risk them getting an infection. Two shots spaced three to four weeks apart in most cases are good enough. To maintain high immunization levels, cats will require booster vaccinations.

Cat-proof your House

Examine your home from the perspective of a cat, who will look for opportunities to climb and explore. When your cat becomes accustomed to your house, you could find them sitting on top of kitchen cupboards. Cover up any openings or registers that allow access to pipes. Kittens can climb in quite easily and get stuck.

Buy Cat Accessories

You need to bring home plenty of pet supplies. Make a trip to your nearest store or shop online. Buy food and water bowls, collar IDs, cat toys, scratchers, and treats. Consider looking after a cat as taking care of a baby. Make them feel at home!

Find a Reliable Vet

One of the first things you do when you get a cat finds a good vet. Ask around your circle, or search through Facebook communities. Make sure that you select a registered veterinarian. Also, look for veterinary clinics that are close by so you can go there in case of emergencies.
Keeping a Cat for the First Time? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know - Cat Blog | PetCurious


Felines are fascinating creatures that offer pleasurable companionship. Cats have a reserved personality, but they will also be highly devoted to you as its owner. Spend some time each day with your cat to create a relationship between the two of you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime connection that comes with a lot of benefits.
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