Best Advice for New Cat Owners

Best Advice for New Cat Owners - Cat Blog | PetCurious
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Congratulations on deciding to become a cat owner! It is a huge commitment but worth the while if you adore reserved animals such as cats. You have to ensure that your cat feels welcome, safe, and happy at her new home. Let’s look at some of the important tips that first-time cat owners should follow!

Create a Cat-proof Safe Room

A secure room or sanctuary for your new cat will provide her a sense of peace and safety while giving her the opportunity to slowly grow acquainted with the smells and sounds of your house. The beginning room can be any size, but it must have a locked door and a secure ceiling.

Find a Vet – Purchase a Microchip

Find a good veterinarian for your four-legged companion. Ideally, they should be reliable with plenty of positive reviews and be based nearby so it’s easy to take your cat in the event of an emergency. Then, make an appointment for a checkup, and get a vaccine schedule. You should get her microchipped and opt for a flea treatment to get rid of any parasites.

Create an Inviting Indoor Setting – Get Lots of Toys

While cats are safer when they are indoors, they might become bored. Make a welcoming indoor atmosphere for your new pet companion. Make sure your cat has access to condos and cat trees so he or she can climb. To offer your furry companion a little "cat TV" to watch outside, open the blinds and place window perches. For added entertainment, hang a bird feeder outside the window. Get your cat a variety of toys to play with, including interactive toys for when you're not home.

Set up Scratchers for Your Furry Friend

Scratching is necessary for cats to remove the dead outer layers of their claws and stretch their body.
Cats also scratch when they want to express joy or relieve tension. If you don't give scratchers, your cat can end up scratching your carpet or furnishings.
It's preferable to have lots of scratchers. Place them in rooms where your furry friend likes to hang out; because some cats will only utilize one scratcher style, try both vertical and horizontal scratchers.

Play With Your Cat Outside

Take your cat outdoors and have a little fun. If you feel worried about this, use a leash or harness to walk with your pet. Set up an enclosed space in your backyard where you can feel safe to free your cat for a bit. Spend as much time as possible with your new kitten. This keeps her mind active and aids in developing solid social skills.
Best Advice for New Cat Owners - Cat Blog | PetCurious

Get Creative with Water Bowls and Food

Cats tend to consume less water than they require. Place water bowls in strategic locations throughout your home, and consider using filtered bowls. You might also try a water fountain bowl, as some cats love to drink from rushing water. They like it more because it's more oxygenated, and they can hear it running, which indicates that it's fresher.
Follow these tips to welcome your new pet home!
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