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Welcome to Connor and Millie's Dog Rescue aka CMDR pronounced Commander. This rescue is named after two very special dogs that I was blessed to have in my life. That the universe found me to be worthy of such a gift is forever humbling. This rescue is their legacy. It is based on Connor and Millie's sheer tenacity and determination to survive; their desire to love, be loved, and the ability to forgive. Age is just a number. Senior dogs have value and much to offer. Please join us in this mission to seek out and provide hope to the Connors and the Millie's struggling out there and gift them a destiny. At this time, we only adopt within the Clark County NV area.  We are not able to adopt out of state.
We mainly do adoptions in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, but we can make special arrangements to adopt out of state. We do not ship our dogs in cargo, however, and all out of area travel for an adoption must be done in a passenger vehicle or in the cabin of an aircraft.
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