Safe From Slaughter Equine Rescue
Animal Shelter And Rescue in near Lake Charles, Louisiana

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Lake Charles, Louisiana
Shelter / Rescue
SFSER is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and Louisiana state nonprofit that is dedicated to assisting slaughter-bound horses find loving, forever homes.
All equines listed are in need of homes, foster, or sponsorship.

We do not hold unless adoption fee is paid and home is approved. Adoptions and fosters are based on first come, first serve basis. Any equine available for adoption is also eligible for foster.

To adopt, please fill out an application:

Adoption requirements are as follows:
Complete Application
Pass reference check
Pass adoption Inspection
Sign contract
Pay adoption fee
Arrange for transportation of adoptee

If ever you cannot keep your adoption equine, it is to be returned to SFSER unless other arrangements have been made with SFSER. Selling, giving away, rehoming, auctioning, etc are FORBIDDEN.

To foster, please fill out an application:

Foster requirements are as follows:
Complete application
Pass reference check
Pass foster inspection
Sign foster agreement

Food and veterinary care are provided by SFSER.

If you cannot keep your fostered equine, it is to be returned to SFSER. You are not allowed to rehome, give away, sell, auction, etc. This is forbidden and result in theft charges.

All equine are located in either Lake Charles, LA or Kaplan, LA.

Every single equine needs a sponsor. For $50/month, you can help.

We ALWAYS need donations. There are never enough. There are always bills, always emergencies, and always needs to be met.

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