Animal Shelter And Rescue
Johnson City, Tennessee

Washington County/Johnson City Animal Control Ctr
Shelter / Rescue
Johnson City, Tennessee
(423) 926-8769
29 Dogs 61 Cats 2 Rabbits
The fees vary from $35-120 depending on the sterilization status, rabies vaccination, optional microchip, and/or any sponsorships provided at the...
Current Pet Listings
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Tips (Rebeccas Ln)
Selma (Sand Ridge Cr)
Sirius (old Turnpike)
Dobby (old Turnpike)
Pixie (old Turnpike)
Potter (old Turnpike)
Padfoot (old Turnpike)
Number 2 (mashburn)
Garfield (alan)
Stripes (angeline)
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