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Friesian and Gypsy Vanner and Gypsy Vanner Horse Horses for Sale in San Francisco, California


Friesian, Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Vanner Horse
San Francisco, California
June 3rd
female, medium, young, mixed


Well behaved Gypsy vanner horse.Color black and white. His eyes are beautiful, you will fall in love with him the minute you meet him. You can sit on his back in the pasture and he doesn't care that your on him. I give pony rides with him. He has never given me a problem at being ridden.He is a good children's horse, my 4 year old rides him and leads him outside of the pastures. He bathes well with no fuss, hes good for the farrier,no problems at all with trailing, and hes up to date on all shots and been dewormed recently. He behaves well on buggy. Contact us for more information,


shots, health papers etc


The Friesian is a distinct and elegant horse breed known for its stunning black coat, flowing mane and tail, and powerful build. Originating from Friesland in the Netherlands, these horses are recognized for their striking appearance, high stepping trot, and gentle nature. With a rich history as war mounts and carriage horses, the Friesian is now primarily prized for its versatility in various equestrian disciplines, including dressage, driving, and even pleasure riding, making them a favorite among horse enthusiasts worldwide.
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Sure! Here is a concise summary of the gypsy vanner horse breed: The gypsy vanner is a strikingly beautiful and sturdy breed originally developed by the Romani travelers of the British Isles. Known for their luxurious flowing manes and feathering on the legs, gypsy vanners excel in a variety of disciplines, from driving to dressage. Their kind and gentle nature, along with their eye catching appearance, make them a popular choice for riders seeking a versatile and charismatic partner.
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The gypsy vanner horse, known for its distinctive feathering on the legs, flowing mane and tail, and gentle disposition, hails from the United Kingdom. These stunning horses, selectively bred by the Romani travelers, are versatile and excel in driving, dressage, and jumping. With a muscular build, a compact frame, and a kind temperament, gypsy vanner horses are cherished for their beauty, athleticism, and willingness to connect with their human companions.
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