Maltipoo Dog Breed: Info, Pictures, Overview and more

Maltipoo Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Breed Overview

Bred by crossing a Maltese with a Poodle, this hybrid dog is known for being affectionate, intelligent, and playful. Maltipoos are small in size, with a fluffy coat that can vary in texture and color. They are hypoallergenic and low shedding, making them a popular choice for allergy sufferers. These dogs are friendly with people of all ages, including children and seniors, and they thrive on human companionship. Maltipoos are adaptable to various living situations, from apartments to houses with yards, as long as they receive enough exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom.


Maltipoos are known for their affectionate and friendly temperament, making them excellent companion pets. They are sociable and enjoy being around people, often forming strong bonds with their owners. This breed is intelligent and eager to please, which makes them relatively easy to train. Maltipoos are also adaptable to various living environments, whether in an apartment or a house with a yard. Additionally, they are known to be good with children and other pets, showcasing their gentle and playful nature. Overall, the maltipoo's temperament is a delightful mix of loyalty, charm, and happiness.

Size and Appearance

Maltipoos are small-sized dogs with fluffy coats, often inheriting a mix of traits from their Maltese and Poodle parents. They typically have round, expressive eyes and floppy ears, adding to their charming appearance. Their coat can vary in color and texture, ranging from curly to straight, and may require regular grooming to prevent matting. Maltipoos have a compact build with a friendly demeanor, making them popular companions for families and individuals alike. Their adorable face and petite stature make them easily recognizable and beloved by many dog enthusiasts.

Health and Lifespan

Maltipoos are generally healthy dogs with a lifespan of around 12-15 years. They may be prone to certain health issues inherited from their parent breeds, including dental problems, allergies, luxating patellas, and eye conditions. Regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced diet, exercise, and dental care are essential in maintaining their overall health and well-being. As a small breed, they are susceptible to obesity, so portion control and regular exercise are crucial in preventing weight-related health issues. Providing a loving and nurturing environment can help ensure a long and healthy life for these beloved companions.

Family Compatibility

Maltipoos are known for their exceptional family compatibility, thriving in households of all sizes and compositions. These affectionate and gentle dogs form strong bonds with their human family members, enjoying being involved in all aspects of daily life. Their adaptable nature makes them great companions for children, seniors, and everyone in between. Maltipoos are sociable and love to be in the presence of their loved ones, making them the perfect addition to any family looking for a loyal and loving four-legged friend.

Exercise Needs

Maltipoos are a highly adaptable breed known for their moderate exercise needs. Daily walks and playtime, both indoors and outdoors, are essential to keep them healthy and happy. Engaging in interactive toys and games can help stimulate their minds and maintain their physical well-being. While they enjoy being active, they are also content with cuddling on the couch, making them suitable for various living environments. It's crucial to provide a consistent exercise routine to prevent boredom and behavioral issues in these intelligent and affectionate dogs.

Diet and Feeding

Diet and Feeding: The maltipoo thrives on a balanced diet rich in high-quality protein, essential fats, vitamins, and minerals. It is recommended to feed them small, frequent meals to prevent hypoglycemia, a common issue in small breeds. Opt for small kibbles or wet food to cater to their small mouths. Fresh water should always be available. Avoid feeding them human food, as it can lead to digestive issues. Consulting with a veterinarian to determine the best feeding schedule and portion size based on the individual dog's needs is crucial for maintaining their overall health and well-being.
Maltipoo Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Living Environment

Maltipoos thrive in a variety of living environments, making them adaptable companions. These playful dogs are well-suited for apartment living, as long as they receive enough exercise and mental stimulation. They also enjoy living in a house with a fenced yard where they can run and play freely. Maltipoos are known to be sensitive to extreme temperatures, so it's important to keep them comfortable in a moderate climate. Providing them with a cozy bed, toys, and regular walks will ensure they are happy and content in their living environment.


Maltipoos require regular grooming to keep their coat healthy and mat-free. It is recommended to brush their fur at least a few times a week to prevent tangles and knots. Bathing can be done monthly using a gentle dog shampoo to maintain cleanliness. Professional grooming every 4-6 weeks is advisable to trim their hair, clean their ears, and clip their nails. Regular teeth brushing is also essential to prevent dental issues. Overall, consistent grooming practices are crucial to ensure the well-being and comfort of these adorable mixed-breed dogs.

Training and Intelligence

Training a Maltipoo is a rewarding experience as they are highly intelligent and eager to please, making them quick learners. Positive reinforcement techniques work best with this breed, keeping training sessions fun and engaging. Consistency and patience are key when training a Maltipoo, as they can sometimes exhibit a stubborn streak. With early socialization and proper training, Maltipoos can excel in obedience, agility, and even therapy work. This breed thrives on mental stimulation, so incorporating interactive toys and puzzles into their training regimen can help keep their minds sharp and focused.

Exercise and Activity Requirements

Maltipoos are a moderately active breed that requires daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. A combination of short walks and playtime in a fenced yard is usually sufficient to meet their exercise needs. Engaging in interactive games and toys can help keep them mentally stimulated. Due to their small size, they are well-suited for indoor living but still benefit from regular physical activity to prevent obesity and promote overall well-being. It's important to tailor exercise routines to the individual dog's energy levels and preferences to ensure they remain content and in good shape.


Socialization is crucial for this breed to thrive, as they are known for their friendly and outgoing nature. Exposing them to various people, animals, and environments from a young age helps prevent potential behavioral issues. Regular positive interactions with different stimuli can ensure a well-adjusted and sociable companion. It is recommended to introduce them to different experiences gently and positively to build their confidence and develop their social skills. Well-socialized individuals tend to be more adaptable, less anxious, and overall happier, making them a joy to be around in various social settings.


A typical lifespan for a maltipoo is around 12 to 15 years, making them a relatively long-lived breed. However, factors such as genetics, diet, exercise, and overall healthcare play a significant role in determining an individual dog's longevity. Providing proper veterinary care and a balanced lifestyle can help ensure that a maltipoo lives a healthy and fulfilling life, reaching their full lifespan potential.

Common Behavioral Issues

Common behavioral issues in this breed include separation anxiety, which can lead to excessive barking and destructive behaviors when left alone for long periods. Additionally, some Maltipoos may exhibit stubbornness during training sessions, requiring consistent positive reinforcement techniques. Socialization is crucial to prevent timidity or fearfulness around strangers or other animals. Due to their affectionate nature, they may develop velcro dog tendencies, craving constant attention and companionship. Providing mental stimulation through interactive toys and regular exercise can help curb any potential behavioral issues in this breed.
Maltipoo Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Special Considerations

When considering the unique characteristics of this breed, it's important to note that the maltipoo possesses a hypoallergenic coat, making it a great choice for individuals with allergies. Regular grooming and maintenance of their curly fur is essential to prevent matting. Due to their potential small size, they may be more delicate compared to larger breeds, requiring gentle handling and supervision when around young children. Additionally, their high levels of energy and intelligence necessitate regular exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and behavioral issues.

Guardian Instincts

Known for their attentive nature, these small hybrid dogs often display strong guardian instincts despite their size. Maltipoos are naturally protective of their families, alerting them to potential dangers with their keen senses. While they may not be as intimidating as larger breeds, their courage and loyalty make them excellent watchdogs. Maltipoos are quick to respond to unfamiliar sounds or people, ensuring that their loved ones feel safe and secure in their presence. Their innate protective nature, combined with their affectionate demeanor, makes them a well-rounded companion for households seeking a loyal and vigilant four-legged friend.

Allergies and Shedding

Maltipoos are hypoallergenic dogs, making them a great choice for individuals with allergies. Their non-shedding coats produce less dander, reducing the likelihood of allergic reactions. Regular grooming is essential to prevent matting and maintain coat health. Brushing a maltipoo's coat frequently can help minimize shedding and keep allergies at bay. Additionally, bathing and trimming their fur as needed can further reduce the spread of allergens. Overall, maltipoos are a low-shedding breed that can be suitable for allergy sufferers seeking a canine companion.

Cost of Ownership

The cost of owning a Maltipoo can vary depending on factors such as breeder reputation, location, and health guarantees. On average, initial expenses including adoption or purchase price, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and supplies can range from $1,000 to $2,500. Annual costs for food, grooming, toys, treats, and routine veterinary care can total around $500 to $1,000. Additional expenses to budget for are unexpected medical bills, training classes, pet insurance, and boarding or dog walking services. It's essential to consider these financial commitments when bringing a Maltipoo into your home to ensure their well-being and happiness.

Availability and Adoption

Maltipoos are a popular designer dog breed known for their affectionate nature and hypoallergenic coat. Due to their high demand, availability can vary, with reputable breeders typically having waitlists for puppies. Many maltipoos are also available for adoption through rescue organizations and shelters, providing an opportunity to give a loving home to a dog in need. It's important to research and choose a responsible source for adoption or purchase to ensure the well-being of the dog and support ethical breeding practices within the canine community.

Famous Examples

Some famous examples of this beloved designer dog breed include celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Ellen DeGeneres, who proudly own and showcase their adorable companions on social media. Additionally, many social media influencers and popular bloggers have maltipoos as beloved pets, often featuring them in their posts and videos. These famous examples highlight the maltipoo's popularity among public figures and trendsetters, further solidifying their reputation as charming, affectionate, and photogenic canine companions.
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