Lagotto Romagnolo Dog Breed: Info, Pictures, Overview and more

Lagotto Romagnolo Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Breed Overview

This ancient Italian breed is known for its truffle-hunting abilities and distinctive curly coat, which is both water-repellent and hypoallergenic. Originally bred as a water retriever, the breed is intelligent, lively, and affectionate, making them excellent family companions. Lagotto Romagnolos are highly trainable and eager to please, excelling in various dog sports and activities. With their medium size and sturdy build, they are well-suited for both urban and rural living environments. Their friendly and social nature makes them get along well with children and other pets, embodying the perfect combination of intelligence and charm.


The temperament of the Lagotto Romagnolo is characterized by intelligence, affection, and an enthusiastic nature. They are known for being extremely loyal to their families and are eager to please, making them highly trainable. With a friendly and social demeanor, they get along well with children and other pets. Their alertness and keen sense of smell make them excellent for tasks like truffle hunting, showcasing their work ethic and determination. While generally good-natured and adaptable, early socialization and training are important to channel their energy positively and prevent excessive barking or destructive behaviors.

Size and Appearance

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a medium-sized dog with a sturdy and well-proportioned build. They typically stand between 16 to 19 inches at the shoulder and weigh around 24 to 35 pounds. The breed is known for its distinctive curly coat, which is water-resistant and comes in various shades of solid colors such as brown, off-white, and orange. Their large, expressive eyes exude intelligence and playfulness, while their hallmark truffle nose is always on the lookout for new scents. Overall, the Lagotto Romagnolo's charming appearance perfectly complements their friendly and energetic nature.

Health and Lifespan

Health and Lifespan: The breed is generally healthy but prone to certain conditions like hip dysplasia, cerebellar abiotrophy, and storage disease. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are essential in maintaining their overall well-being. With proper care, the average lifespan of these dogs is around 15 years. Engaging in regular check-ups with a veterinarian can help detect any health issues early on, leading to a longer and healthier life for these energetic and intelligent dogs.

Family Compatibility

Renowned for their affectionate nature and gentle demeanor, these curly-coated canines are ideal companions for families of all sizes. Their friendly disposition and playful attitude make them excellent pets for children, forming strong bonds with each family member. With their high intelligence and eagerness to please, these dogs thrive on human companionship and are known to be highly adaptable to various living situations. Their low-shedding coat also makes them a suitable choice for families with allergies. Overall, their loving temperament and loyalty towards their loved ones make them a perfect addition to any household.

Exercise Needs

The Lagotto Romagnolo breed has moderate exercise needs, requiring daily physical activity to stay healthy and happy. Regular walks, play sessions, and interactive games are essential to keep this breed mentally stimulated and physically fit. With a history as a working dog, the Lagotto Romagnolo enjoys activities such as retrieving, agility, and scent work. Providing opportunities for both mental and physical exercise is crucial to prevent boredom and destructive behaviors. Tailoring exercise routines to the individual dog's energy levels and preferences is key to ensuring their overall well-being and contentment.

Diet and Feeding

Diet and Feeding: The Lagotto Romagnolo's diet plays a crucial role in maintaining their overall health and well-being. As an active and energetic breed, they require a balanced diet rich in high-quality proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. It's important to provide them with a diet formulated for medium-sized dogs to support their energy levels and unique nutritional needs. Feeding them a diet with proper portion control is essential to prevent obesity, a common issue in this breed. Additionally, providing fresh water at all times is crucial to keep them hydrated and aid digestion. Consulting with a veterinarian for personalized feeding recommendations is recommended.
Lagotto Romagnolo Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Living Environment

The Lagotto Romagnolo thrives in a home environment where they are part of the family, enjoying close bonds with their owners. They adapt well to apartment living given regular exercise, but ideally have access to a secure yard where they can explore and play. This breed excels in various living conditions, including urban settings or more rural areas, as long as they receive mental and physical stimulation to prevent boredom. Providing a cozy bed, interactive toys, and opportunities for activities like scent work or agility training will keep the Lagotto Romagnolo content and happy in their living space.


Grooming the curly, water-resistant coat of this breed is essential to prevent matting and maintain its characteristic rustic appearance. Regular brushing is necessary, paying particular attention to the dense curls. Professional grooming every few months is recommended for trimming and shaping. Bathing should be done only when necessary to preserve the natural oils in the coat. Additionally, regular care of the ears, nails, and teeth is important for overall health and hygiene maintenance. Proper grooming not only keeps the dog looking its best but also contributes to its well-being and comfort.

Training and Intelligence

Highly intelligent and eager to please, this breed excels in training with consistent and positive reinforcement methods. Their keen problem-solving skills and quick learning abilities make them ideal for obedience, agility, and scent work. Providing mental stimulation is crucial to prevent boredom, as they thrive on new challenges and tasks. Due to their history as truffle hunters, they have a strong work ethic and enjoy having a job to do. Training should be started early and continued throughout their lives to maintain their obedience and mental sharpness. With the right approach, they can master complex commands and tasks with ease.

Exercise and Activity Requirements

This breed has moderate exercise needs and thrives on mental stimulation. Daily walks or play sessions are essential to prevent boredom and promote overall well-being. Engaging in activities that tap into their natural instincts, such as scent work or retrieving games, is highly beneficial. Providing interactive toys or puzzle games can also help keep them entertained. It's important to strike a balance between physical exercise and mental challenges to ensure a happy and contented companion. Regular exercise not only keeps them physically fit but also strengthens the bond between the dog and their owner.


Proper socialization for this breed is crucial from an early age to ensure they develop into well-rounded, confident, and friendly dogs. Exposing them to various people, animals, environments, and situations helps prevent shyness or aggression. Positive interactions during socialization lay the foundation for a balanced adult dog. Enrolling in puppy classes, taking them to different places, and supervised playdates are effective ways to socialize them. It's important to start socialization early and continue throughout their lives to maintain their sociable nature.


The average lifespan of this breed ranges from 14 to 16 years, making them a long-lived companion for families. With proper care, including regular exercise, a balanced diet, and routine veterinary check-ups, the lagotto romagnolo can enjoy a healthy and active life well into their teen years. Building a strong bond with their human family members, this breed thrives on love and attention, and their longevity provides ample time to create lasting memories and cherished moments together.

Common Behavioral Issues

Common behavioral issues in lagotto romagnolos may include excessive barking, possessiveness over toys or food, and a tendency to dig. They are intelligent dogs that require mental stimulation to prevent boredom and subsequent destructive behaviors. Proper socialization from a young age can help mitigate tendencies towards shyness or fearfulness. Additionally, separation anxiety may be prevalent in this breed, so gradual training to increase independence is recommended. Structured training sessions and consistent positive reinforcement are key to addressing and preventing behavioral issues in lagotto romagnolos.
Lagotto Romagnolo Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Special Considerations

Due to their high intelligence and energy levels, it is crucial for prospective owners to provide extensive mental and physical stimulation for this breed. Regular exercise in the form of interactive games and activities is essential to prevent boredom and destructive behavior. Additionally, their dense, curly coat requires regular grooming to prevent matting and maintain cleanliness. Potential owners should be prepared for consistent grooming sessions and occasional trips to a professional groomer for assistance. Lastly, early socialization and positive reinforcement training are imperative to help channel their intelligence and prevent any potential behavioral issues.

Guardian Instincts

Bred as truffle hunters, this breed exhibits strong guardian instincts. Their natural intelligence and alertness make them quick to detect potential threats, making them excellent watchdogs. The Lagotto Romagnolo is known for their loyalty and protective nature towards their family, often forming strong bonds with their owners. While they may be reserved with strangers, they are not typically aggressive unless provoked. With proper training and socialization, they can thrive as both a companion and a reliable protector, showcasing their innate guardian instincts in a balanced and controlled manner.

Allergies and Shedding

The breed is known for being hypoallergenic due to their wooly, curly coat that sheds minimally. This low shedding characteristic makes them a suitable choice for individuals with allergies. Regular grooming is essential to prevent matting and to maintain the coat's health. Despite their minimal shedding, these dogs do require regular grooming to prevent their curly coat from becoming matted. Their dense, curly coat acts as a barrier to allergens, making them a popular choice for allergy sufferers. Overall, the breed's coat is an essential factor in their hypoallergenic qualities and low shedding tendencies.

Cost of Ownership

The cost of owning a Lagotto Romagnolo can vary depending on various factors. Initial expenses include purchasing the dog from a reputable breeder, which can range from $2,000 to $4,000. Annual costs for food, grooming, and basic healthcare average around $1,000. Additional expenses may include training classes, toys, treats, and unexpected vet visits. Grooming costs are a significant factor, as the breed's curly coat requires regular professional grooming every few months to prevent matting. It's important to budget for potential health issues common in the breed, such as hip dysplasia or eye conditions, which may result in more extensive veterinary bills. Therefore, potential owners should be prepared for the financial commitment required to provide proper care for a Lagotto Romagnolo.

Availability and Adoption

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a rare breed, so availability can be limited. Potential adopters may need to be patient and diligent in their search, possibly reaching out to specialized breeders or rescue organizations. When considering adoption, it's essential to ensure the breeder or rescue is reputable and prioritizes the well-being of the dogs. Due to the breed's rarity, Lagotto Romagnolos may be more costly to adopt compared to more common breeds. Prospective owners should be prepared for potential waitlists or travel to find a suitable match, as the breed's popularity continues to grow.

Famous Examples

One of the most famous examples of this breed is a dog named Nick, who gained recognition for his exceptional truffle-hunting skills. Another notable Lagotto Romagnolo is Otto, who made headlines for his role in a search and rescue mission, showcasing the breed's versatility and intelligence. In the world of entertainment, Luna, a Lagotto Romagnolo, has appeared in several movies and TV shows, charming audiences with her charming demeanor and curly coat. These famous examples highlight the breed's diverse talents and lovable personality.
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