Animal Shelter And Rescue
Vails Gate, New York

The Canine Sanctuary began in 1996, housing and adopting out homeless cats and dogs through a boarding kennel.

More than 2,500 wonderful dogs and cats have been placed into loving homes since then, and we will always be grateful to the loving families who opened their homes and hearts to those pets.

Canine Sanctuary volunteers and fifteen Canine Sanctuary dogs assisted in changing a high kill area shelter to a

no-kill shelter in July of 2008.

We successfully placed over 100 homeless dogs and cats into new homes, saving them from euthanasia.

At this time the Canine Sanctuary is searching for a facility of our own, as we continue to thrive in our endeaver to make a difference in the lives of homeless dogs and cats through foster homes.

We will continue to assist our community as our country rebounds from recent financial crisis, and more and more animals lose their homes.

We appreciate any assistance from the public in our continued efforts to save lost and abandoned and abused pets, through volunteering and donations to be able to provide tlc, temporary housing, training and veterinary care.
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