The Sanctuary Project
Animal Shelter And Rescue


Animal Shelter And Rescue


THE SANCTUARY PROJECT is an all-breed dog movement.                With an emphasis on rescuing dogs in need as well as education and advocacy, we believe: 1.0 no adoptable, healthy animal should be killed for a lack of space, ingenuity, compassion, or management of any shelter. 2.0 in the vital importance of spaying, neutering and vaccinating. 3.0 that any sort of Breed Specific Legislation is wrong and is archaic discrimination which has no place in our society today. 4.0 that animal testing, animal fighting and any sort of animal abuse is morally reprehensible and should have the toughest penalties possible. 5.0 that love, given the chance, WINS. Rescue. Adopt. Commit. Love. When you save a life, they save you right back… every time. xo TSP  #lovewins


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