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Roseville, California

Cirby Sunrise Veterinary Clinic
Shelter / Rescue
Roseville, California
(916) 780-0551
Cirby Sunrise veterinary Clinic re-homes dogs and cats that would otherwise be euthanized by shelters. A clinic client may need a pet re-homed due to their own financial difficulties or health issues making the care of a pet difficult. Most cases require a little time for healing or readjustment for the pet. 0ur Vet techs and foster homes help with the caring of these animals until they can be re-homed in loving forever homes. All our pets are re-homed as healthy pets unless otherwise stated in our adoption ad. Cirby Sunrise Veterinary Clinic goes the extra mile to save these otherwise unwanted pets that others have given up on. We need the help of citizens to fulfill our goal of saving all displaced pets from these desperate situations. Please help by adopting one of our pets. Thank you ...
Please make an appointment with Cirby Sunrise Veterinary Clinic to meet a specific pet listed at our clinic by calling 916 780 0551..  We take in pets from a public shelter that needs special veterinary care due to cost or the time and attention needed for healing. This helps reduce euthanasia rates when it is beyond what the shelter(s) choose to do. It may just be a difficult pregnancy or a car accident.  We never know what or when a special pet will come our way. Please help us save those special pets by adopting or fostering. Thank you for caring and choosing adoption. 916 780 0551
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