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Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania

Kaelen's K9 Dreams
Shelter / Rescue
Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania
(412) 318-5907
Kaelen's K9 Dreams grew from Kaelen the dog pictured in our logo. Kaelen's dream was the same as every homeless, abused, or neglected  dog, to find a loving forever home. Kaelen had a terrible  life as an Amish mill dog.  Her jaw had been shattered  so badly it was beyond repair. She managed to adapt and find a way to eat.  She also loved every human and animal she met, despite her life of abuse. She did find her forever home with my husband and myself.  Sadly, we only had her for 3 months before she passed due to cancer. She did know true love for the last months of her life. This rescue was started to honor Kaelen whose name means mighty heart. Kaelen dreamed of a loving forever home. This rescue is dedicated to Kaelen and all the other dogs like her who are dreaming of their forever home. We are dedicated to placing dogs into safe, secure, and loving forever homes.
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