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Animal Shelter And Rescue
Fort Mill, South Carolina

Humane Society of York County
Shelter / Rescue
Fort Mill, South Carolina
(803) 802-0902
12 Dogs 13 Cats
To find loving fur-ever homes for dogs and cats.

To make sure York County, South Carolina, cats and dogs are treated in a humane manner, are rescued, and are placed in loving and forever homes by:

Increasing dog and cat rescues and adoptions

Empowering the environment so pet owners are responsible and accountable for their actions

Supporting spay and neuter programs for community dogs and cats

Providing a Helping Hands Program to assist with critical treatment for dogs and cats in need

Championing community collaboration amongst rescues
Please visit our NO Kill Rescue located at 8177 Regent Parkway to see if a connection is made. We are open 7 days a week 1pm - 4pm with extended hours - Tuesday and Friday 1pm - 6pm.

We do NOT currently support online applications. You must come in, connect, then per pet apply for adoption. The adoption process will be assessed and explained on site. If you have pets currently at home, they must be up-to-date on shots and spayed or neutered. You must be 21 years of age to apply for a pet. More details can be shared on site during the adoption interview.

Our goal is to place our pets into their furever -most suitable home- weighing many aspect such as personality, energy, etc...We look forward to having you come in and seeing if one of our pets is YOUR FUREVER!
Humane Society of York County's current pet listings
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Fort Mill
Fort Mill
Fort Mill
Fort Mill
Fort Mill
Fort Mill
Amy Paw-ler
Fort Mill
Fort Mill
Fort Mill
Fort Mill
Fort Mill
Fort Mill
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