Animal Shelter And Rescue
Coshocton, Ohio

Coshocton County Animal Shelter & HATA
Shelter / Rescue
Coshocton, Ohio
(740) 622-9741
Please contact 740-622-9741 and leave a message directly for information regarding any adoptable animals viewed here, must have an inquiry form on file and approved prior to appointment arrangements being made. Apply: coshocton
We look forward to hearing from you!

Our website is very helpful & can answer many of the questions you may have, in addition to direct contact. Please feel free to check it out to learn more about CCAS/HATA.

Out of state adoption options are few and rare, as they are heavily screened and are subject to additional requirements.

Please be prepared for the following in regards to adoption:
•Adoption interview/completion of inquiry form (by phone or in person contact typically)
•Our animals are paired with those who exhibit the qualities needed for a successful adoption
•Adoption Contract Required (recent veterinary history & reference within 2 years required)
•Spay & Neuter Required (in addition to other requirements as outlined in our contract)
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