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Animal Shelter And Rescue



Willing Hearts Dal Rescue, Inc. www.whdr.org is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. We are small group of volunteers who bonded through the internet because of their common love of the Dalmatian breed. It is our mission to rescue dals who have been abandoned, abused, and those in shelters facing death. We take dals into our homes and foster them while we evaluate them for temperament while teaching them to love and trust again, and give them all the medical care they need including spay and neuter.  We charge an adoption fee of $250, which does not begin to cover the costs we have incurred. If you are interested in adopting a dal from us, please go to our website www.whdr.org and there you will find an online application. Please be patient with us, as we all work full time jobs and try to get done what we can in our spare time. Transportation can be arranged through Willing Hearts volunteers.  Origins and Background T


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