Our mission

To provide a safe haven to shelter and care for the abandoned, abused, or unwanted animals within Skagit County; to treat the animals with dignity and respect; to place these animals into loving and caring homes; to create public education programs that increase the awareness of humane treatment and the necessity of spay and neuter of all animals; and to coordinate resources for housing and placement of small animals evacuated during disaster.

Our principles

Whereas, we are responsible for the welfare of those animals that we have domesticated and those upon whose natural environment we have encroached; and

Whereas, all utilization of animals gives us neither the right nor the license to exploit or abuse them; and

Whereas, all life possesses an inherent value and is thus deserving of considerate treatment.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Humane Society of Skagit County and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals encourages the public to adopt the following guidelines and further expects our membership to agree with these principles:

We will not kill animals needlessly nor for entertainment, nor to cause pain or torment.

We will provide adequate food, water, shelter, and care for animals for which we have accepted responsibility.

We will not use animals for medical, educational, or commercial experimentation or research unless absolute necessity can be demonstrated and unless such is done without causing pain and torment.

We will not maintain animals that are used for food in a manner that causes them discomfort or denies them an opportunity to develop and live in conditions that are reasonably natural for them.

We will not kill animals for food in any manner that does not result in instantaneous unconsciousness.

We will not confine animals for display, impoundment, or as pets in conditions that are not comfortable and appropriate.

We will not permit domestic pets to propagate.
The Adoption Process
Before You Visit

When you come to the adoption center to adopt a pet, we’ll ask for the following: Proof of home ownership or a pet-friendly rental agreement photos of your home, yard, house number, and nearest street (for out-of-county adoptions) A meet-and-greet with your own dog, if you have one, to determine canine compatibility before you visit, please prepare! We want to match you up with the perfect pet.

The Dog / Puppy Adoption Process
The dog adoption process begins when you come to the adoption center to visit our dogs. Plan to stay for a while, taking our dogs out for walks. Since our volunteer and staff hours are limited, we cannot adequately exercise each dog every day. Taking some time to exercise the dog you’re interested in can really pay off by revealing his or her true personality!

Our staff will be more than happy to share any information we have on our animals. Before walking any dog you will be asked to sign in at the front desk using your name, phone number and driver’s license. If you are looking for a canine addition to your home and already have a dog, we strongly urge you to bring your dog to the shelter for a “meet and greet”. Please be sure your dog is up-to-date on vaccines. Once you have made your decision, come to reception and request that a qualified Animal Care Specialist conduct the “meet and greet”. No visitor is allowed to conduct a “meet and greet” without an Animal Care Specialist in attendance.

Once you have made your choice of pet you will be asked to fill out an application. We are not a “first come, first served” facility. Most of our dogs have multiple applications. The decisions will be made by looking at the needs of the breed and individual involved, and the best environment for that breed and individual. We ask all potential adopters to research the breed and seriously consider whether they are going to be able to meet those needs. Remember each breed or mix will have their own particular needs, energy level, and habits. Shelter staff conduct canine temperament assessments and can often advise you on a the suitability of your choice.

All animals are spayed or neutered before leaving the facility. If the pet is a stray, they must have been at the shelter 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) before they are available for adoption.

Out of Skagit County Adoptions:
If you live outside Skagit County, you will be required to bring pictures of your house with a visible house number, pictures of your fenced yard, closest road, and immediate neighborhood. Your yard pictures must show the entire fence so that the staff can assess its security. We do not accept out of county checks, but do accept cash, VISA or Mastercard.

?Your Dog or Puppy Adoption Package Includes:
A surgical spay or neuter
A free well-pet veterinary check up by any Skagit County vet (does not include tests, vaccines, etc.)
A collar and a 24-hour hotline ID tag
Emergency leash
DA2P+PV and Progard KC (kennel cough) vaccine
Strongid general dewormer when necessary
Canine information and a DVD
The Cat / Kitten Adoption Process
The cat adoption process begins when you come to the adoption center and visit our cats. Plan to spend some time here getting to know our many feline residents. Our staff will be more than happy to take any cat you choose to a visiting room so that you can become better acquainted. Our staff will also be happy to share any information we have on our cats.

We have five roaming rooms at this time which are populated 24/7 by a group of social felines. Feel free to open the door and go right in. We ask that you are careful coming and going so that no cats escape! All the cats in the roaming rooms have been altered and tested Felv/FIV tested negative. Some have been microchipped.

If you are adding a second cat to your home it is strongly suggested that you have your new cat Felv/FIV tested at the same time it is altered. Your Adoption Specialist will discuss this with you at the time of adoption.

We ask that you use hand sanitizer between cats for their health.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone or by email.

Your Cat or Kitten Adoption Package Includes:
A surgical spay or neuter
Afree veterinary check up by any Skagit County vet (does not include tests, vaccines, etc.)
Collar and 24-hour hotline ID tag
?A temporary cat carrier
Some cats are Felv/FIV tested
FVRCP vaccine and general deworming
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