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Mission Statement
Shadow Cat Rescue was founded in 2012 on the principal that no feline, young or old, should be homeless or abused. Expert medical care and each feline’s well being are the top priorities in every rescue and adoption, with an emphasis in finding a loving, permanent home for each feline.

Shadow Cat Rescue actively traps stray and feral cats in Brooklyn, NY and is a strictly no-kill group unless the cat is too sick to be rehabilitated. All ferals whom are too old to be socialized are spayed/neutered and released back into their colony and all strays are taken into foster care until we can match them with a permanent loving home.

We do not receive any government funding or financial support from any national animal welfare agencies and rely upon the generosity of supporters’ donations.  100% of all donations go directly to the expansion of the rescue and care of the cats - whether it be food, litter, or medical expenses.
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