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Dog for Sale
Austrain Cattle Dog
in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Austrain Cattle Dog
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
January 30th
400 USD
male large young
Scooby is a cuddly mellow dog we just had a baby and can’t keep up with both him and the baby as first time parents, we are also trying to move and can’t afford to find an apartment with him so we unfortunately need to separate ways. He can be off leash and is well behaved just need’s attention and time to run around and play he loves other dogs and does well with children. He loves cuddles and loves Scooby snacks he has a very cute personality and is very goofy. He is fixed and is 9 months old with no known health problems. He knows some tricks and eats only on command. He loves stuffed animals but prefers to chew on water bottles.
We will include a full sized kennel for him and some food we have had him on (still puppy food so will need to be changed soon) he has most his shots he was unable to get a rabies shot but hasn’t had any health issues he will also come with a collar, harness, and leash along with any toys we have gotten him
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