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Dog for Rehome
Playfull, Loving, Snappy, Intact Yorkshire Terrier
in Austin, Texas

Yorkshire Terrier
Austin, Texas
March 18th
male medium adult
playfull loving snappy intact
His name is kellz he also goes by pookie or kellz bellz. He eats Heritage Ranch dog food. He knows sit, lay down, speak, paw, jump and turn around. He is really playful and loves to run and take long walks. He does play bite so watch out for sneak attacks. He likes goldfish and does have a marking problems since he’s intact. And make sure to gently close his kennel door he gets grouchy when closed nosily. He needs his teeth cleaned and paperwork to get his nails clipped. He enjoys cuddles, kisses on the head, and affection. Like he will ask for more kisses after. When he get’s familiar with you he will be happy and greet you at the door all the time! He definitely has a strong bark to so beware haha. His teaser words are “outside” “walk” “go play” “dog park”. We are trying to rehome him no money is needed. His birthday is October 17th he 3 years old. Looking for the perfect home that will really be down to earth for taking care of him.
Dipers, a kennel, leash and harness, toys, food bowl and water dish.
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