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Rescue Dog for Adoption
American Pit Bull Terrier
in Yucca Valley, California

American Pit Bull Terrier
Yucca Valley, California
March 24th
250 USD
male large adult
Korvo came to our rescue as a Owner Release. He is the daddy to a large family. He got the female dog of the home pregnant because neither one of them were fixed. This accidental litter of 10 puppies, mom and dad, and the human family now caused issues in this home. It became apparent due to the size of the home and the large amount of dogs in this rental unit that it was a tight squeeze. Almost immediately after the puppies were born the landlord came knocking. It ultimately came to a point that the landlord gave notice to the human family that if the dogs were not removed from the home that they would have to start the eviction process. The family had one choice to either give up this family of dogs or to loose their roof over their head. To make matters worse the husband was in the military himself and the home was being paid for by his military housing allotment.

The family decided to reach out to our rescue to help them. As our board are made up of volunteers who work at jobs of their own, we needed to wait until they got off of work to accept the family. By the time board got to the home the family already have given away 2 of the puppies.

As 3 of the board members spoke to the family and signed off on ownership of the dog family, they had recommended that the human family learn about accidental litters, spay and neutering and back yard breeding.

As we arrived back at the rescue we evaluated all dogs and learned Caroline, the mom, was emaciated to the point that she was no longer producing milk for her young pups. We recalculated the pups were only 5 and a 1/2 weeks old, not 8 weeks old that was explained to us. We also saw Korvo, the dad, was on the thin side as well, even though a great pleasure to be around.

Our rescue started mom and Dad on food that would help gain weight and bring back health.
He is now ready for his fur-ever home!
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Each animal goes through our 30 days foster to adopt program. The 30 days gives the animal and new owner(s) time to adapt and see if it is a good fit. Anytime in those 30 days, if you decide it is not a good fit, the animal can be returned to get your money back.
After the 30 days, you can go through the official adoption. At that time, you will get an adoption packet with all your contracts and medical information.
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