Dog Shelter And Rescue in near Oroville, California

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Oroville, California
Dog Shelter / Rescue
Border Collie Rescue specializing in ranch dogs

Our business supports Agriculture by cooperating with the Ranch and Sheep Dog Trial communities to acquire working border collies no longer able to perform duties due to:




Dependent upon extensive evaluation, these dogs are retrained and certified as:

Leroy’s Ranch Hands (LRH)

Search and Rescue


Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs

Companion Dogs

Leroy’s Ranch Hands and Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs is a unique concept. We are a Border Collie adoption service that builds the bridge between the dogs’ working background and their new urban lifestyles. We are very selective and accept only dogs whose temperament, age, or medical condition prohibits them from meeting the standard required for ranch and sheep dog trial work. Our business takes the greatest care in matching these dogs with people whose temperament and lifestyle match the dogs’ needs. This unique enterprise sets all involved up for success.
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