Joy - Ringneck Psittacula Bird for Adoption near West Fargo

 Ringneck Psittacula
 West Fargo, North Dakota
 February 28th
 Center for Avian Adoption, Rescue, and Education
female small adult


Meet Joey! Joey is a female Indian Ringneck Parakeet. We are uncertain as to how old she is. She enjoys destroying newspaper and loves dried papaya and almonds. Joey has a deformed foot so when she is handled she needs a little more patience and care to prevent her from slipping off your hand or arm. She needs to use some flat perches and rope perches to make it easier for her to perch in her cage or on a stand. She can get very loud with her call so she will not be able to be in an apartment.

Additional Information:

Adoptions are not 'first come, first served'; we strive to find the most appropriate home for each parrot. We do not ship parrots and generally adopt only within a 200-mile radius of Fargo, ND.

A pre-adoption, home visit by a member of our Adoption Committee is required for every adoption. To review our Adoption Process, please click here.

We charge an Adoption Fee for each adoptable parrot. Adoption Fees are based on the discretion of the Board of Directors.

3/14/19 3:15 AM