Animal Shelter And Rescue
Zephyr, Ontario

Donna's Canine Kitchen
Shelter / Rescue
Zephyr, Ontario
Donna's Canine Kitchen is a fostered based rescue who works with partner rescues globally and locally. This rescue believes that all dogs in the world deserve a second chance.

Please visit Donna's Canine Kitchen on Facebook for stories on adopted dogs with their forever family.

Donna's Canine Kitchen also sells raw diet for dogs and dehydrated treats. All ingredients are locally sourced and human grade. Please email for pricing and information.

Donna's Canine Kitchen rescue is a small, foster based rescue north of Toronto who works with partner rescues globally and locally. As so many dogs are homeless worldwide, this rescue believes that all dogs deserve a family of their own and a second chance.

The first step of the adoption procedure is to fill in an adoption application which can be emailed to you. Simply email to request one. This application helps to understand your lifestyle, family, and household pets. Once the application is received, an email will be sent to confirm and discuss the dog you are interested in.

Every effort is made to make sure the dog will be a good match. If the dog isn't a good match, then another one may be suggested. The goal of this rescue is to place a dog in its forever home permanently.

All dogs adopted must to taken to basic obedience classes and proof is required.

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