Be Their Voice Rescue - Animal Shelter / Rescue in West Seneca, New York


 West Seneca, New York

 Shelter / Rescue

 (716) 868-9399

6 Dogs
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a safe place where our rescued animals will no longer be abandoned, abused, or euthanized. We will stop at nothing to end killings in shelters and dog fighting. Every animal deserves a chance to be loved and it is our mission to make that happen. We will also work together to educate the communities about the “Bully Breeds” so that they get a chance to enjoy the life they deserve.
Our adoption process begins with you filling out an application.

After the application is filled out, the Board will review it. Members of the Board will be calling the references and the Vet office listed to ensure you are in good standings.

Please remember to call your Vet office and give them the heads up we will be calling!

After that is set up, we will set up a meet and greet/home visit/overnight with you.

The meet and greet period will be when we introduce you and your family (including any pets) to your potential pet. If that is successful and we feel that your home is a good fit for your potential new pet, we will ask you to do an overnight trial period. This helps you spend a bit more time with the pet and see how he/she adapts within your family.

We ask you to send us updates throughout the overnight. If you decided at any point that he/she is not right for you, we will come pick them up.

If the overnight process is successful, that would be when you would let us know if you are officially going to adopt him/her.

Please note: we do not require a fenced in yard. However, you must be able to describe how you will be monitoring your pet outside.

Adoption fees are as follows:

Puppies (0-12 months old): $375
Adults (1year-7years): $300
Seniors (greater than 7 years): $150

*Adoption Fees are subject to change without notice.

Thank you for your interest, we hope to hear from you soon!