Tiny Paws Cat Rescue
Animal Shelter And Rescue in near West Saint Paul, Minnesota

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West Saint Paul, Minnesota
Shelter / Rescue
Tiny Paws Cat Rescue is based in West St. Paul, Minnesota. The rescue was created out of an abundance of need for local Twin Cities strays to be fostered while finding suitable forever homes for cats and kittens. The organization is small, but has lots of heart.
Each adopter must apply for a specific pet via the application on our website. Tiny Paws calls the adopters vet to verify. Tiny Paws also does a home visit (in person or virtual during Covid times). The adopter must visit the cat at their foster home. The adopter may not take the cat home on the same day. They will then let the rescue know that they are interested and will proceed with the adoption as long as the foster family agrees that the adopter is a good fit for the cat.
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