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Home Of Our Own Foundation
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West Hills, California
(818) 219-2229
Home Of Our Own Foundation (HOOOF) is a 501C(3) non-profit organization deeply devoted to the care and welfare of our Pitbulls and large breed companions. With a network of foster homes, HOOOF makes every effort to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome as many Pitbulls and other large breed canines rescued from brinks of death.

There is always more to be done, and in order for us to expand our horizons, we need the following:

FOSTER HOMES: Foster families play an integral part in this life saving operation. The more temporary homes we have, the more lives can be spared from high kill shelters. To join our foster program, please call Lilia at (818) 219-2229.

FUNDS: Funding is always needed to cover our medical expenses. Every dog who enters our rescue program is altered, vaccinated, and we always go the extra mile to make sure every need is met to make the animal whole again. Whether it’s a corrective surgery or a major operation, we get it done and without cutting corners. Ple
All of our ADOPTABLE DOGS are currently in foster homes, and are shown by appointment only. If you are interested in adopting a companion or a family dog, please visit: to complete our ADOPTION APPLICATION and submit online or via fax. If you have any questions, please call us at (818) 219-2229. Thank you; and please tell your friends about us!
To meet our ADOPTABLE dogs, or to learn more about our organization, please contact Home Of Our Own Foundation at (818) 219-2229 or Email:
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