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Holster Rescue
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Wausau, Wisconsin
Holster Rescue is dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned pets. We take in pets from overcrowded shelters or pets that are on a shelters euthanasia list. We take in the pets that stand little to no chance of finding a home due to overpopulation.

We will also accept or rescue animals that are in less than desirable homes or any situation that we feel may be putting the animal in danger. We give them the medical care that they need, then we do all that we can do to find loving homes. When you adopt from us you KNOW you're saving a life!

Holster Rescue

State of Wisconsin license and Inspection number: 467898-DS

License # 17121-800

FEIN # 45-3605219

We are not currently available for phone calls we are a volunteer run organization, adoption inquiries are handled as priority when emailing any questions, feel free to email with any and all questions. We are foster home based, all dogs are in a foster home until they are adopted, therefore the first step is to fill out an application before meeting the prospective pet, we do not have a facility, please read the full post to find out all details on each pet.
Application info:
When you fill out an application, please e-mail us this additional information to us at with the name of the person on the application:
photo ID
property tax statement: if you own your home
pictures of where the pet will be: sleeping, eating and playing.

How it Works:

(1)If you are interested in a one of pets, then go to and fill out an application.
(2) Send pictures to with the name that is on the application, of where the puppy/dog Cat / Kitten is going to be sleeping, eating and playing.
(3)If you own your home you are also going to have to provide proof of home ownership like a property tax bill.
(4)If your application is approved, we will be in contact with you to set up a time for you to come, meet the pet, and go home with the him/her if you want.

If you're interesting in filling out an application, you can find them on our website at

Contact us:
To contact us please e-mail: we reply as soon as we can. Staff are all volunteers and work full-time as well. Therefore, it can take a little while to respond and process things. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Holster Rescue
State of Wisconsin license and Inspection number: 467898-DS
License # 17121-800
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