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The Bunny Hutch
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Virginia Beach, Virginia
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The Bunny Hutch combines educational elements of a zoo, Animal Ambassador Programming, animal adoption, nutrition, birthday parties, pet walkers, conditioning, community outreach, classes, habitat enrichment, animal presentation, conservation and fun. Animals cared for by Keepers in a zoological environment live mentally stimulating lives and often live more than twice their wild counterparts do. This knowledge is not a secret; anyone can learn how to enrich ANY family members’ life. No matter if you are covered in fur, feather, skin or scales The Bunny Hutch can help you.


The Bunny Hutch Boutiques are “shelters” with style. We work with ALL breds and ALL species and are staffed by Association of Zoo and Aquariums (AZA) trained zookeepers to bring the latest advancement to your family. With our services you as donors can bring this knowledge home to your pets. Our boutiques are combination animal adoption agency, NO Kill shelter, rehabilitation facilit
Our adoption fees differ between breed, species, age, and husbandry requirements.
The care our fosters receive is always the best, we follow Association of Zoo and Aquariums (AZA) guidelines and quarantine all animals up to 90 days if necessary for medical/behavioral testing. This period of quarantine allows us to make sure you are getting an animal that can be enjoyed by all members of your family safely, disease/parasite free. 
Our adoption package is different than any other. All of our animals come with a "Great Beginnings" package, which includes the proper enclosure for the anima, toys/tank items, a food sample and a fact sheet about the animal.
We also create custom bio-active, living tanks on a donation basis. Wouldn't your dart frogs prefer to languish under the shade of a bromeliad. Inland Bearded Dragon sleep up against a succulent tree just like the Australian Outback. Come
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