Animal Shelter And Rescue
Tehachapi, California

Pacific Waterfowl Rescue
Shelter / Rescue
Tehachapi, California
(760) 914-2170
Pacific Waterfowl Rescue, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to:

-   Rescue domestic ducks and geese that are frequently abandoned in public parks and lakes.

-   Rehabilitate the rescued waterfowl by providing food and medical services as needed

-   Find new suitable homes for the rehabilitated waterfowl

-   Educate the public regarding the dangers of leaving domesticated birds in parks and lakes.
Requirements include:

Adoption application and pictures of bird housing.

Predator-proof housing at night. This means their pen/enclosure must be completely enclosed including a roof. 

Pets Only and no breeding!

Local pick-up, pre-arranged transport only. We do not ship birds.
Visits are by appointment only. Contact us for more information.
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