Hank’s Legacy Foundation was created in memory of my first dog Hank. Hank, a Great Dane, came from a breeder, and we quickly learned the hard lesson of not doing enough research on breeding. Hank developed severe allergies resulting in multiple emergency room visits and eventually daily injections. Our sweet boy grew up in a body that would fail him. His poor health and his poor eye-site caused Hank to live an unsure life. He was constantly nervous and extremely cautious of everything new. After multiple train camps, his aggression grew, and we knew this life wasn’t fair to him. You always hear stories about people and their “heart dogs”, and Hank was mine. Losing him was the most devastating thing, and now I vow to save animals like him. I promised my big goofball that I would fight for the poorly bread animals. I would advocate for stricter training and education. I would save all that I could. Hank’s Legacy foundation is built for the animals that need an advocate in order to save their lives. They need a voice, and we are here to give it to them.
All information needed for adopting one of our dogs. Please read all items carefully. If you are interested in adopting any of our dogs, please fill out the form at the bottom of every page. Thank you!

Hank’s Legacy Foundations goal is to place homeless dogs into loving homes and families. We take special care to match the right home with the right dog, ensuring a lifetime of love for both the pet and the adopter. To ensure the best matches are made, we have a process that has been proven effective in determining the best homes for our animals. Our adoption process may seem time consuming or unnecessarily complicated, but please understand that we have our dogs’ best interests at heart. We strive to find the best homes possible for our dogs, as well as find the right dog for you and your lifestyle.

Please understand that our organization is completely run by unpaid volunteers, who dedicate their free time to help the dogs. We thank you for your time and pati
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