Animal Shelter And Rescue
Regina, Saskatchewan

Waggy Tails Pet Rescue Inc
Shelter / Rescue
Regina, Saskatchewan
We are charitable non-profit animal rescue. We specialize in the "un-adoptables". These might include animals with special medical needs, or behavioural issues that require special care or training. Often our rescues are abuse survivors who need time and an experienced hand to help them recover. 

Services.As a foster parent based organization devoted to helping "special" animals find equally special homes. We also provide assistance to individuals within our community who may need a bit of extra help taking care of their pets.
We are always looking for fantastic forever homes! If you are interested in applying for a specific dog or would like us to find you your dream dog (rescued of course) please email us for an application!
Once your application has been accepted we will conduct a phone interview and set up a time for a home check. Once you have selected your new addition we can arrange for play dates or if your pet is an international rescue we can arrange for a "trial" adoption. These trial adoptions usually last two weeks and are designed to ensure that this new addition is perfect for you (and you for them!).
We do insist on an adoption contract for the safety and well being of our rescues, and to ensure that our adopters have been provided with accurate information about their new addition.
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