Animal Shelter And Rescue
Phoenix, Arizona

Tender Paws Pet Rescue
Shelter / Rescue
Phoenix, Arizona
TLC For Pets As They Find A Forever Home!

Tender Paws Pet Rescue seeks to provide loving care, enrichment, essential medical care, and behavioral retraining for pets seeking new homes.  We are asked to help pets being surrendered by owners, estates of former owners, pets that have been abandoned, and those who have been listed for euthanasia on local animal shelter lists.

We are new, operate in the Phoenix, AZ area, and are developing our volunteer and foster network.

All  pets receive ve
Our adoption process if simple.  It begins with your identifying a pet of interest in our organization.  Next, contact us by email at with the name of the pet you are interested in and a phone number.  We will, as quickly as possible, reply and supply an application for your completion.  We will also return phone calls when possible.  Once the application is completed and returned we will review it for a match to the dog.  When a match is found, we will call to answer further questions and arrange a meet and greet.  A home visit is required before the adoption process is closed.  Once all steps of the process are completed, an adoption contract is signed, documents are transfered, tags and license are transferred, and the pet joins you and your family.

We are a very small organization with a small group of volunteers.  All of us are busy with family and regular jobs in addition to assisting animals in need.  We do
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