R.A.V.E. Rescue, Inc in Osceola, Missouri provides various programs that benefit both pets and their owners. This is our way of providing a better "quality of life" for animals, as well as to educate the community and providing resources for care.

Paw's Pantry

Seniors that incur financial difficulty due to emergencies that arise from transportation expenses, medical expenses, or an illness can receive help from this program. This was created to help our seniors keep their pets in their homes longer while enjoying "quality of life." The Paw's Pantry is located at the St. Clair County Food Bank, in Osceola, MO. Requirements include spayed/neutered pets and proof of income eligibility.

Community Outreach

This program was created for animals that are outside 24 hours a day to assist them with shelter from inclimante weather. We routinely accept donations to help provide these animals with heated water bowls, dry dog and cat food, igloo houses, straws/blankets, and door flaps.

Community Cat Project- Feral Cat Colonies

We currently assist feral community cat colonies, by TNR, which the cats are trapped, taken to a spay and neuter clinic, there they are evaluated for health concerns, spayed/or neutered, ears tipped, and released back in the community. We currently aid owners that have a feral cat colonies on their property by providing food, and other medical resources based on our financial ability.

Spay & Neuter Clinics Springfield, MO and Gladstone, MO.

R.A.V.E. Rescue currently provides transportation to and from spay and neuter clinics. To assist the community in reducing the over-population of animals. The owners can contact us by email or by telephone, to reserve an appointment. the cost must be pre-pay the morning before transport. Pre-surgery instructions are given to the owner as well as surgery date, transport meeting place, and time of arrival and pick up that evening. If it's a feline it must arrive in a kennel, labelled with the pet's name on the outside with masking tape, as well as a band around the cat's neck. Bands can be picked up anytime before transport. If arriving with a dog, the dog shall have a snug fitting collar, and leash. Pets that are not picked up will incur a $10.00 per day boarding expense that will be arranged at the local shelter. Dismissal instructions, copies of the bills, and medical records will accompany the animal when picked up. As well as any special instructions.

Rescue Transport

To assist our local shelter we routinely conduct intake of the animals that are placed in their care. Due to the lack of shelter space, we currently assist them by gathering the animals intake sheets, and pictures. We reach out to potential accepting rescues, foster homes, or adopters by way of cross-posting with the help of social media. In hopes to secure a rescue, foster, or adopter to ensure the shelter can continue to help other injured, stray, found, or waiting to be reunited with their owners. We often provide transport or establish a run sheet that is made possible by volunteers that donate their time to ensure every animal has a safe path. We call it their "freedom ride."
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