Animal Shelter And Rescue
North Fort Myers, Florida

The Pit Bull Crew
Shelter / Rescue
North Fort Myers, Florida
(570) 460-6890
The Pit Bull Crew Is a Volunteer Based Group, promoting Pit Bulls positively and working together with shelters throughout Florida.

Our Mission

To positively change the public’s perception of this misunderstood breed by promoting owner responsibility, education, end illegal dog fighting, stop animal abuse/neglect, emphasize the importance of spay & neuter, and increasing shelter dog adoptions throughout the state of Florida. 

Look for our Famous Pitty Kissing Booth, sharing the love, and Pitty Kisses at our adoption events!

If you can VOLUNTEER with us just a few hours a week sharing your special talents of:

• Walking dogs

• Fostering

• Marketing

• Fundraising

• Dog training

• Transporting

• Photography

• Hhelping at adoption events

Just think of just how many more shelter dogs you could
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