Animal Shelter And Rescue
Newville, Pennsylvania

Ritner Kennel Rescue
Shelter / Rescue
Newville, Pennsylvania
Molly Graf has been rescuing dogs for over 25 years.   Ritner Kennel carries three (3) PA State Kennel licenses, and is inspected regularly by PA State Dog Wardens.   We are located near the mountains outside of Newville, PA on a gorgeous 85 acre farm where the dogs get plenty of fresh air and exercise daily while they are waiting for their new homes.  Contact us at
Our dogs are available for adoption after the references have been checked and adoption questions have been answered via e-mail or phone.   E-mail is preferred as the questions and answers are saved for reference.   E-mail inquiries will be answered much faster than phone calls.   Visits are welcomed by scheduled appointment ONLY after adoption is approved.  Adoption fees are paid in cash.  Normal adoption fees are $280-300 for mixed breeds and $350-$450 for purebreds, with some dogs being more or less depending on the individual dog, age and temperament/training. Our policy about cats and small children:  we do not adopt adult dogs into homes with smaller children unless the dog has a known history with small children. In general adult dogs who have not been raised with cats or small children may not be suitable to a home with cats or small children.

We have a distance limit for adoptions - within 200 miles or so from central pa. This includes all of PA, central NJ, DE, MD, DC, and Northern VA.

We do not transport or ship rescued dogs. Adoptors must come in person to the kennel to read and sign contract and meet the dog.

Visits are welcomed by appointment only.  The kennel is not public and not open for drop in visits.  Please e-mail for adoption application.
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