We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 rescue group run by volunteers who LOVE animals.  Prior to the establishment of the Jersey Shore Animal Foundation, the founding members belonged to various animal groups and were instrumental in the set-up, care and organization of an emergency pet shelter for evacuees during Hurricane Sandy. The best part was helping to coordinate rescue missions and reuniting displaced owners with their pets. It was at this time that the need for the Jersey Shore Animal Foundation was identified. It seemed that each individual animal group was working independently and there was no unified movement allowing groups to combine efforts and resources to work together. Using our many years of experience in the animal industry and our established network of resources, our hope is that the Jersey Shore Animal Foundation can link various animal groups, rescues and organizations with those in need so that resources can be shared for the betterment of the animals
Our cats and kittens are in the Howell PetSmart! Come visit us!
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