Animal Shelter And Rescue
Holden, Missouri

To help animals before, during and after disasters.


If you are a no-kill shelter or rescue group and are interested in one of our animals, please know that we will transfer to you however their will be paperwork required and if you are out of state there will be an additional $25 fee for having to acquire a travel/health certificate, per animal. And NOTE: we have no resources to transport at this time, therefore you will need to setup such arrangements from our facility and follow our guidelines during this pandemic.

We are a not for profit (501c3) charity organization. We do not receive government funding or tax-payer dollars to help animals, we are completely reliant on donations.  We operate our own private no-kill shelter, our focus has been helping animals of rural areas.  We are completely ran by volunteers.  For the safety of our animals and volunteers unapproved visitors at our campus is prohibited. Donations are always greatly appreciated and needed to help these animals.

 We are State and Federal Registered and Licensed.
Effective August 1, 2020 we will reopen our shelter for adoptions only. We will not be in-taking any new animals. We will have adoptable animals pictures and bios uploaded by August 1st.

Our adoption process has been changed due to the ongoing pandemic. Our process is as follows: When you see an animal that you are seriously interested in adopting, you will need to send an email to us at: with the name of the animal, along with your name, email address and phone number, as well as any questions that you may have. We will then respond by answering your questions and sending you our adoption application in a PDF format. Once you have completed the adoption application and returned it to us via email then we will contact you via phone. We will then discuss any additional questions that you may have. Once an adoption is agreed upon by both parties - We will then send you our adoption contract for you to complete and payment options for the adoption fee and set up an appointment with you by either 1) we deliver the animal to your door safely with precautions due to the pandemic NOTE: you must live within a 60 mile radius; or 2) you can come to our shelter and remain in your automobile and we will bring the animal to your vehicle. Absolutely no humans will be allowed out of their vehicles onto our property or into our shelter facility for the safety and health of our animals. This is due to the limited access to proper PPEs and cleaning supplies. THERE IS NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. If you come to our shelter, you will be asked when we deliver the animal to your care that you are wearing a mask during interactions with us. By not complying the adoption will be seen ceased immediately and you must leave immediately. We are not asking you to wear your mask while driving - we are asking you to wear your mask only when we approach your vehicle to give you your adopted animal. If you can not accept these terms please look elsewhere for an animal. We have and will continue to have security onsite to ensure rules are followed and for the safety of our animals, us and you.

All our cat adoptions currently will be $25. This includes a used crate for the cat to remain in during the safe transfer. All cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated distemper and rabies, Ear mite treated, Treated for Fleas, Treated for various worms. Nails trimmed and recently bathed using a dry cat shampoo product. This is done as a safety precaution.

All dogs adoptions currently will be $60. This includes a used collar and leash for the safe transfer. All dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated with distemper and rabies, treated for ear mites, fleas, worms. Nails trimmed and recently bathed. For long haired dogs they may/may not be groomed. Just ask us. If you wish a dog to be groomed that we say has not, it can be done for an additional rush grooming charge of $25.

Due to recent economic problems we have had to cut costs therefore we have let our website expire. We have also deleted our facebook page due to the issues with facebook allowing lies, disinformation and misleading information to run rapid. We do not support this type of fascism. We can still be found on twitter and Instagram. We will have those site addresses on each bio.

We are 100% volunteer ran organization and currently under volunteered, so please give us time to respond to your emails. Our Email us at: Thank you.   

Our shelter phone remains the same at 816-697-5055 but it is almost impossible for us to keep up on all the calls at this time and therefore we can not guarentee a return call.

For the safety and liability of our animals and volunteers, unapproved visitors at our campus is prohibited and will be charged with trespassing.
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