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Mission Statement
Second Hope Circle is a nonprofit organization who’s mission is to keep people and pets together in Ontario during times of poverty and precarity. By providing referral, humane education, financial assistance, community programs and temporary foster care they help preserve families. Second Hope Circle also offers many programs that promote adoption and fostering including a rescue called Super Senior Cat Sanctuary, dedicated to helping cats aged 15+ at risk of euthanasia find loving homes and retirement.
We’re so excited you’re interested in adopting! Adoption Applications are sent directly to our program director. Once we receive your application we will go through the information for consideration and begin reference checks. From the submission of the application to final consideration for adopting a cat can take 7-10 days.

If your application has been considered a good match for the kitty you have applied for (or any of our kitties available for adoption), we will reach out to coordinate a meet and greet.

Sometimes we have more than one application for a kitty in our care, applications are considered in terms of best fit for the cat. Our adoptable kitty’s well being is our top priority! If you are not selected to adopt a cat from Super Senior Cat Sanctuary this is not a mark against you as a caring animal lover but may simply mean we do not have a cat that would be a good match for your family, or that we received multiple applications. We are happy to direct you to other amazing organizations who may have a cat that is looking for a family just like yours!

* Please call your veterinarian upon completing the application to provide permission for us to speak to your clinic as part of the reference check. *

*Please read the term of adoption after submitting your adoption application
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