Animal Shelter And Rescue
Grady, Alabama

Jeremy's Boggle Ferret Bungalow
Shelter / Rescue
Grady, Alabama
We are a small private ferret rescue. It all started in April 2011 when we walked into Petco and saw Jeremy in the tank for adoption. He and his cage mate had been returned. Unfortunately his cage mate died that August. Since then we have provided a home to many ferrets. We take in mostly difficult to adopt ferrets & give them a forever raw feeding home with us in rural Alabama. We are now providing adoptive and educational services.

Jeremy crossed The Rainbow Bridge on June 7, 2013 due to nerve damaged from injuries receive in his 1st home. We continue to provide a loving home to ferrets in his memory.

Ferret rescue is a non-profit venture as the cost of providing for their daily and veterinary needs is high. Currently all expenses are paid for by our family. 100% of all donations, adoption fees or purchases will be used to care for the ferrets.

We are a member of the SOS.

Our vet:

Dr Ashley Warren
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