Please visit the following link to learn more and to get the foster home application:
Prior to submitting an adoption application, please make sure (i) you are prepared to handle the discrimination from the public and (ii) that you satisfy each of the following requirements:

1. You are at least 25 years old.
2. You are within a reasonable driving distance. We do not ship dogs.
3. You have sufficient and quality time each day to spend with your dog.
4. You have considered your future and changes that may occur, such as marriage, having a baby, moving, losing your job, etc., & are prepared to make a commitment to your dog no matter what the future brings.
5. You are prepared to deal with the discrimination, and you are ready to ensure your dog is well behaved in public.
6. You are prepared to meet the needs of the dog.
7. You understand that a dog is a LIFETIME COMMITMENT and you are prepared to make the commitment.

Upon determining that you satisfy each of the requirements listed above, please:

8. Fill out the pdf application completely and truthfully.
9. Show solid references and others who can vouch for you. Three references must be provided! If you own a dog or have owned a dog, you must provide a vet reference. No relatives please.

After submitting the application, you will be required to do each of the following things:

10. Participate in an interview conducted by our Adoption Counselor.
11. Confirm that everyone in your household also wants and is ready for a dog.
12. Drive to the dog's foster home to meet the dog in person.
13. Agree to pre- and post-adoption home-checks.
14. Sign a legally binding adoption contract.
15. Be prepared to attend obedience classes with your dog.

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