CAT CARE AND RESCUE INC - Animal Shelter / Rescue in Chicago, Illinois


 Chicago, Illinois

 Shelter / Rescue

5 Cats
Mission Statement
* Provide compassionate care for any animal in need

* Attempt to find a home for every healthy or rehabilitatable dog and cat, or other animal that comes to us

* Intervene to prevent cruelty to animals

* Partner with the community to educate on animal issues and inspire compassion and respect

* Provide low cost mobile and home pet health care

* Emergency/non-emergency evacuation and transportation of animals in crisis
Must be employed, or have a verifiable source of income.

Over 24 years old. Parental co-adopters allowed.

Must have “size appropriate“ hard carrier.

State or government issued ID required.

Lease with pet policy if a renter

Pictures of living space must be provided or home check
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