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Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue exists to facilitate finding quality forever homes and ultimately a better life for both local and national abandoned, stray, abused, and injured companion animals, and to help limit the overpopulation of these animals through diligent community education and stringent spay/neuter regimens.
We have a pretty stringent adoption process for our kiddos... But because of that, we have an almost non-existent return rate.
1. Lengthy Adoption Application
2. Veterinary reference check and personal reference check. If the current pets are not UTD on vaccines or are not S/N, OR if the applicant has a history of not keeping their animals current, it is an automatic decline. If the applicant has more animals on record currently with the vet than what they list on the application, they are automatically declined. Most of our dogs also require fully fenced yards, and we mandate that a lock be put on all gates to keep wind/kids from opening gates.
3. Once an application has passed initial review, a phone interview is held with the applicant to get a feel for what their home life/physical activity level/knowledge level etc are.
4. After a phone interview, we require applicants to physically meet with the dog they are interested in. We are looking to see how they act around our dogs, and how our dogs react to the applicant. If we don't see "magic" both ways, the applicant is declined for that dog.
5. If an applicant is approved and chooses to adopt that animal after meeting them, we have one of our representatives to a physical home check to ensure the home and yard are safe for the animal they wish to adopt. Yard must be free of dangerous debris and fencing is inspected (even behind bushes) to ensure there are no holes or gaps that the dog can get over, under or through. If gaps are found, the applicant has 48 hours to make the requested repairs, or the adoption will be canceled. All applicants must show that they have purchases the supplies needed for the dog before the adoption appointment is scheduled. This includes, crate, food, toys, treats, bedding, bowls, harness, ID tag and leash. (we supply all dogs with well fitted collars)
6. Adoption appointment is scheduled. EVERY applicant meets with me personally (executive director) to sign the adoption contract and go over expectations. They are given an adoption packet which has all of the animals medical history, health certificate, microchip information, (all microchips are registered under the umbrella of the rescue, so we have authority to claim our dogs should they ever end up in a shelter). All applicants are STRONGLY encouraged to join our private FB adopter's group and upload photos etc of our dogs so we can watch them grow up. In that group, adopters have access to our behaviorists, groomers, and veterinarians.
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