Our inventory of adoptable dogs varies on a almost a daily basis. 

One Voice 4 Paws (“OV4P”) is a non-profit dog rescue run completely by volunteers.  OV4P is committed to:

•    Being a voice for dogs, unwanted for any reason, and giving them a safe and loving environment.  Every action taken will be in the animal’s best interest;

•    Spaying or neutering all animals that come into our care, and providing all appropriate medical treatment;

•    Fostering all animals in loving homes while they prepare for their forever home - all placements requiring a comprehensive adoption process;

•    Gladly re-welcoming animals previously placed, without question or judgment. Nothing but a perfect match is acceptable.
To begin the adoption process we ask that you fill out our Adoption Application.  After we review and approve your application we will allow meet & greets with our adoptable dogs and schedule a home visit to ensure the dog will be provided with a safe and loving home. Afterwards, a 2 week trial adoption period will begin.  We hold your adoption fee check until the conclusion of this trial period, and if it is a perfect match for both dog and family we will finalize the adoption with a mutually binding agreement and cash your check.


Oregon Based 501(c)3 non-profit organization
Phone: (541) 223-1105 Email:


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